Argo & Iran – Hollywood Deal-making versus Congress Inaction

Greetings USA:  Ben Affleck turned in a stellar CIA Jack Ryan performance in Argo. I want to remind USA that the current President of Iran was one of the masterminds behind the kidnapping of our citizens.  Iran made an empty threat that Canada would pay a price for violating the sovereignty of Iran.  What about Iran violating international Human Rights & the sovereignty of our USA Embassy.  Why is there no Embassy in Iran now????Also, Alan Arkin & John Goodman brought on the laughs.  Bryan Cranston was gutsy.  Really tense & cool performances.  USA-I recommend YOU see Argo as a patriotic duty.  .  Realistic portrayal of co-operation between government & Hollywood – USA.  Even insight into Hollywood power plays to speed things up.  It would be great if our USA Congress would cut to the chase as quick as Hollywood.

IMDb Link
By James R Cathey Ph D Ordained Minister of Jesus our Lord since 1975


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