The ONE True God of Israel

The-Star-Wars-Force_thumb.jpgGreetings Today:

Jesus is a man whom has experienced the gamut of human emotions –

he wept over Jerusalem & the people.

He died to ratify the New Covenant for Israel.

The ONE True God of Israel revealed to the Israelis that He was

the ONE True God and that they were not to put any other gods before Him

The ONE True God of Israel is the God & Father of Jesus our Lord.

May HE be blessed forever & ever for establishing peace with Him through Jesus

on the day of Pentecost.

If God had not applied the promised spirit that came on the day of

Pentecost to all mankind – there would be NO Christians.

Only Israelis would have the gift of spiritual birth of holy spirit.

Glory to the ONE True God of Israel.  Amen!!!

ONE Question:

Whom do you consider to be the ONE True God:

The ONE True God of Israel or

a Trinitarian God – a polytheistic non-existent God?

God is Spirit – not a man whom can lie to us!

Yours in the Bonds of Fellowship James Visit my Net ID


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