What Reagan can teach us about Ukraine

Russia is not trying to take over the world – there are legitimate issues over the empire of the Soviet Union

Global Public Square

By Rudy deLeon and Aarthi Gunasekaran, Special to CNN

Editor’s note: Rudy deLeon served as deputy secretary of defense from 2000-2001 and is senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. Aarthi Gunasekaran is a research assistant at the Center for American Progress. The views expressed are their own.

At the peak of the Cold War, a Soviet military fighter shot down a civilian airliner and all 269 passengers on board were killed, including a U.S. congressman and 61 other Americans. The world waited for a response from the United States.

But President Ronald Reagan didn’t offer much beyond strong rhetoric and careful words, only condemnation without a serious call for action. He urged the international community to deal with the Soviets in a calm manner; labeled the Soviets as “savagery,” “murderous,” “monstrous,” and united the European allies against a Soviet system nearing its end.

“We didn’t elect a dictionary. We elected…

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