Back to the Beginning

We are ONE World - Let us love one another as Jesus our Lord commandedBack to the Beginning:
God is Spirit. God told Israel that He is the ONE True God whom delivered them from Egypt.

The people of Israel were not all of one mind to serve God and

only God.

There were Israelites whom worshipped Baal. We are told the

name of God is Yahweh Genesis 2:4.

The prophets of Israel always encouraged the people to

worship and obey Yahweh and not serve Baal as their Lord.

Anyone whom worships a Trintarian, Polytheistic God is

worshipping and serving Baal as their Lord.  Baal is also aka

Dark Angel.  Dark Angel will always keep YOU in the dark and

He will never give YOU the answers YOU seek nor the

relationship with

The ONE True God of Israel that YOU seek.


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