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Welcome to My Inner Circle of Light from God our Father and Jesus our Lord


Lauderdale by the Sea FL USA

Bio: Greetings in the love of the ONE True God of Israel our Father, Jesus our Lord of the Cosmos and the bonds of spiritual fellowship we have by our spiritual birth of holy spirit : This holy spirit administered to us by Jesus our Lord is the love of The ONE True God whom is Spirit IN OUR Heart Romans 5:5 I have been an Ordained Minister since 1975 of Jesus our Lord of the Cosmos who is the leader of The Church of His Body – America and the World Made it to college in 1968 – married and entered the military in 1972 – have 2 girls and 2 boys in that order – have 5 grand children – 3 boys and 2 girls – live in SE FL – will let you know when I am in NY – love walking on the beach and listening to the surf – – Love riding my bicycle – love jazz – rock-n-roll and @ Heart-Country – Love live theater – movies and movie stars and by association – Hollywood CA USA – My Heart belongs to only ONE woman on the face of the earth – I am divorced since 2009 – I am loyal – Faithful and looking for friendship and romance with YOU my dear woman friend – I am into heart to heart – Once WE are Heart to Heart – Cool – In the course of my ministry I have counseled the grieving, those bereaving lost ones, ministered healing and God gave a gift of healing to a number of those to whom I ministered healing I am trained in organizational management – conflict resolution -addiction counseling – Biblical & Spiritual Counseling & Ph D in Systematic Theology which includes Israelology, Churchology, Covenant Theology & Dispensational Theology Yours in the Bonds of Fellowship James R Cathey, ThD PhD, Ordained Minister of Jesus our Lord since 1975 Ordained by a Prophet of Jesus in the presence of many witnesses

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo  20 DEC 2011 USA Premiere
Visit Rooney Mara & Cast Videos
@  for Rooney MaraRooney Mara is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 20 DEC 2011 USA Premiere

OUR Charlize Theron this Year Big MoviesSnow White and the Huntsman
Snow White & The Huntsman
Charlize is Queen Ravenna
@ Charlize Charlize is Queen Ravenna in Snow White & The Huntsman - I recommend the extended edition with bonus features DVD

With Kristen Stewart as Snow White

1 JUN 2012-USA Premiere 

Cool Song Video @  Breath of Life 

by Florence & The Machine
Really Cool Song in
Snow White & the Huntsman

Prometheus is a spaceship carrying a crew to the origins of mankind & Dark Angel @ The Alien
With Noomi Rapace as
The True Believer

8 JUN 2012-USA Premiere


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